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Integrated tasks and planning for the whole team.

Attach to-do's and tasks directly to contacts and visualise their state through team visible kan-ban boards.

Call scripts
Re-schedule appointment with Matthew
Moved due to COVID restrictions
Call scripts
Setup conference time in system
ShoutCon invites should be included in this task.
Call scripts
In progress
Onboard Harry
Scheduled for 12:30pm today
Call scripts
Finalise ShoutCon participant list
Attach guest list from MeetUp to calendar event
Call scripts
Book ShoutCon venue
Speak to David and gain confirmation of booking
Assign and track
Attach tasks directly to contacts and track them in your shared team kan-ban boards.
Automation heaven
Automatically create tasks for teams and customers when calls end in a certain way, reducing the cognitive complexity of your team environment.
Fully featured
When you add due dates, assignees, descriptions, custom statuses, and live updates into the mix there's now one less tab to keep open.
Provided gratis
No added costs or hidden fees, tasks are provided on us without charge.
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