📚 From the blog 23shout named one of top four startups in Brisbane -

It's all in your browser, no more downloads or configuration.

You can uninstall the soft phones and clunk, 23shout operates through Chromium based web browsers on every platform.

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Zero compromise
Our position in the web gives us access to faster updates and modern API's for development, giving you a richer experience that native apps offer.
Remote work ready
Ideal for work from home situations in today's world, your team needs only open 23shout on their home computer and dive right in.
Low network requirements
Our head office is in Australia, we get it. We've designed 23shout to operate even in high latency and low bandwidth environments with challenging network conditions.
Faster updates
23shout is updated twice a week, bringing new features and experiences to market quicker than any competitor.
Try 23shout for free
It only takes a few minutes to get up and running