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Build interactive, dynamic call scripts for your team.

Scripts support dynamic values for contacts, rich media, maps, and versioning for a complete history.

Dynamic values
The view from above was quite sublime
Take actions with a click
The view from above was quite sublime
Add locations
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Highlight tangents
The view from above was quite sublime
Prospecting script
Hi Janet, this is Marcus from 7C Group, is now a good time to chat?
Can't talk now
Right now 7C is working on a new solution to problems in Brisbane, Australia, is that something you'd want more information on?
If not interested
Do you know anyone else in the industry who would be looking to generate more sales instead?
Offers alternate contact
Which one of those solutions interests you the most?
Seasonal reports
Buyer intent data
Interactive and smart
Design the flow of your script with buttons that take agents to other pages or run actions such as scheduling callbacks for later.
Unique per call
Assign scripts to queues to give your team what they need at exactly the right time, with names, locations, and other properties pre-filled correctly.
Simple to build
Enjoy a code free experience with our Word-like editor, format, paste, and preview scripts in realtime as your team will see them.
Drafts and versioning
Keep a complete history of what calls used what version of your scripts, while building drafts copies in isolation for testing for going live.
One click publishing

Instant updates, smart features

No more sharing PDFs and Google docs, test, author, and deploy instantly
A/B testing built in

Test new hypotheses and monitor call completions

Set new versions of your script to be tested in live calls, your agents will have a 50/50 chance of seeing your new copy. Monitor conversions with our and follow it's impact on your team.

Call scripts
More than text

Embed rich media and interactive elements

Go beyond the paragraphs, inserting images, lists, headers, iFrames, and editable contact properties directly into the page.

Call scripts
More ways we're different
Beautiful calling
We're not that solution that runs on Windows 95, we're designed from the ground up to fill the void for a modern contact centre.
No lock in contracts
There's no tricks, we're confident you'll like 23shout. Subscriptions are billed monthly, and if you're not happy we'll even pro-rata your time back to you.
Here to help
You're not left to figure it out, let's arrange a call anytime to help your team succeed with 23shout. No request is too large or small.
Keep your data clean
Setup call Outcomes with automated actions. Automatically schedule no answers to be called again in the future, or add numbers to Do Not Call lists.
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