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Service Level Agreement

Last updated: 15th of May, 2022

  1. Definitions

    In this service level agreement (“Service Level Agreement”), the expressions we, us and our are a reference to 23shout Pty Ltd (ACN 642 022 553) and our affiliates.

    In addition, the following terms are used throughout the document:

    “Customer” means any person or entity to whom we have sold our products or services, and remains an active customer without account suspension or breach of our .

    “23shout Web App” means our website available exclusively at .

    “23shout Mobile App” means, collectively, our mobile applications available for Android and iOS under the package name com.a23shout.mobile and distributed from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

    “23shout API” means our website available exclusively at .

    “Business Hours” means the period of time commencing at 0900 hours and running until 1700 hours on the same day, according to local time in Brisbane, Australia.

    “Status Page” means our automated monitoring dashboard available exclusively at .

    “Downtime” refers to periods of time the applicable services were inoperable or unavailable as listed by our Status Page that are not negated by any exclusions listed under the section titled “Exclusions”.

    “Credit Grant” means the account credit the Customer is able to request in accordance with the section titled “Credit Grant Request” in this Service Level Agreement. Credit Grants are calculated by multiplying the the applicable percentage set forth under the section titled “Uptime Guarantees” by the fees incurred for that services provided by 23shout during the window of Downtime.

    “Seat Fees” means the cost incurred to the Customer for their dialling seats monthly subscription.

  2. Service Commitments

    Uptime Guarantees

    Covered product or serviceMonthly Uptime GuaranteeCredit Grant
    23shout Web App99.9%20% credit grant
    23shout Mobile App99.9%20% credit grant
    23shout API99.9%20% credit grant

    Response times

    In addition to the above uptime guarantees, we offer the following first response time guarantees on paid Customer accounts to our Support Email.

    CategoryDescriptionResponse times
    General support questionExample: Customer has an inquiry on how to use the serviceWithin 2 business days
    Time-sensitive inquiryExample: The website is unavailable for an unknown reason not posted on our Status Page.2 Business Hours

    In the event of a failure to meet response times the Customer is eligible to a refund upon account cancellation for their Seat Fees pro-rated to the point in time in the month the initial outreach was sent.

  3. Credit Grant Request

    To receive a Credit Grant the Customer is required to submit a request to our team via email at within thirty (30) days from the last day of the calendar month from the period of time the Customer claims we failed to meet our uptime guarantee.

    Any submission made must include:

    1. the date and time the Customer claims the Downtime occurred;
    2. a full description of the hardware and software used to access the services;
    3. the Downtime as calculated by our Status Page;
    4. "Credit Grant Claim" as complete subject of the email;
    5. any service logs, supporting evidence, and documentation related to the Downtime;

    Credit Grants will be applied to the 23shout account nominated by the Customer and will apply to future expenditures with 23shout. Credit Grants are not available in the form of refunds.

  4. Exclusions

    Exclusions to Uptime guarantees

    In certain circumstances, 23shout has limited or no control over service availability. No Downtime will be counted towards the Monthly Downtime if:

    1. it was caused by actions, negligence, or inaction initiated by the Customer;
    2. it happened during a planned maintenance period posted on our Status Page in advance;
    3. it happened during emergency maintenance which occurs rarely to ensure account security and service integrity;
    4. it occurs on an unreleased product or service, the Customer was invited to preview the product or service, or the product or service is labelled as "prerelease", "alpha", or "beta";
    5. the root cause existed in our upstream providers outside of our control, including, without limitation, internet connectivity issues, and telecommunication provider downtime or issues;
    6. the duration of the event is less than five (5) minutes;
    7. the Customer was engaged in any activity that breached our ;
    8. the issue was in relation to Customer owned, leased, and licensed equipment and software, including, without limitation, headsets, mobile phone devices, electronic devices, third-party applications and services, and microphones.

    Exclusions to Response Time Guarantees

    Although we do our best to provide timely responses to our Customers, certain situations impair or inhibit our ability to serve the Customer to the levels we desire. Our Response Time Guarantees do not apply if:

    1. the inquiry is related to an incident or unavailability that occurred over 14 days in the past;
    2. the matter has been mislabelled as another inquiry type;
    3. it occurs during an event outside of our control including, without limitation, natural disaster, fire, weather phenomena, or industrial action;
    4. the inquiry was not served to the correct address listed in this document;
    5. the Customer was engaged in any activity that breached our ;
    6. the inquiry failed to deliver due to events beyond our control, including, without limitation, internet connectivity issues, or third party providers services malfunctioning.
  5. Changes to this Service Level Agreement

    1. We may change this Service Level Agreement from time to time so you should check it regularly.
    2. You may review the then-current terms of this Service Level Agreement at anytime at https://23shout.com/company/service-level-agreement