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Applying an artificial mind to growth

Unlike the human eye of the most experienced doctors and radiologists, AI can learn to detect microscopic signs of cancer and changes in scans, and it's able to do so in seconds.

The practical applications of an artificial mind seem endless, and MaxusAI founder Glenn Neuber has had a front row seat in the innovation and changes that have come with it.

Glenn began Maxus AI in 2019 on the belief there was a gap between data acquisition, preparation and applied machine learning. This passion has helped him to grow MaxusAI into a leading tool to segment and create datasets for AI application.

This still nascent technology is already saving increasingly large amounts on the human cost. MaxusAI can assess aerial footage (think drones and helicopters) from erosion-prone regions. For instance, it can detect where silt is being washed away around the Great Barrier Reef. It can comb through aerial photography to survey critical infrastructure. This way, it can pick out the corrosion of nuts or bolts and even damage from natural disasters. 

A large issue has been education of the market, with many still believing this technology to be years away, nonexistent, or simply impossible.

Using 23shout MaxusAI has been able to create a pipeline and process around their acquisition strategy from a single unified platform.